TR Engineering manufactures directional control valves, hydraulic hand pumps and other fluid power components and products. Phone us for details and information.

Hydraulic Directional Control Valves and Hydraulic Hand Pumps from TR Engineering Inc. TR Engineering designs and manufactures state of the art fluid power products, advanced hydraulic components and advanced hydraulic systems Send email to TR Eningeering for information about our hydraulic hand pumps, directional control valves and other hydraulic components or hydraulic systems!
Contact Information for TR Engineering Inc. Details about TR Engineering are available on our Home Page. Read about our Hydraulic Directional Control Valves, Hydraulic Hand Pumps and other Hydraulic Components and Hydraulic Products available from TR Engineering, Inc. Count on TR Engineering to provide a solid warranty for our Hydraulic Products! Read the warranty here.


State of the Art Fluid Power Products by TR Engineering, Inc. - fluid power systems, advanced hydraulic componenets, advanced hydraulic systems, hydraulic control valves and hydraulic hand pumps

NEWS: TR Engineering is pleased to announce we have moved our facility from Gilroy to Scotts Valley CA. Please be sure to update your address and phone details with our new address and phone numbers:

TR Engineering Inc.
1350 Green Hills Road #10
Scotts Valley CA 95066

Tel:  831.430.9920 / Fax:  831.430.9989

TR Engineering's state of the art facility is located in Scotts Valley, California. Be sure to visit our contact page for our address and phone information.

TR Engineering Incorporated is a fluid power company engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of technically advanced hydraulic components and systems.

At the Scotts Valley, California manufacturing plant, we manufacture a broad line of hydraulic hand pumps and valves, as well as custom-designed fluid power systems for the construction, manufacturing, aerospace, marine, and petrochemical industries. System capabilities include the design and fabrication of large hydraulic power supplies and cylinders, and also computer-controlled automatic testing equipment.

However, high quality products and easy product access are not always enough.  A thorough knowledge of a clients' unique application problems is a must. With years of practical and technical experience behind them, TR personnel can provide clients in many fields with highly effective solutions. For example, TR has supplied special jacking cylinders for use in the NASA Space Shuttle program as well as special alloy stainless steel hand pumps for radar coolant transfer.

TR Engineering knows the real potential of technology and its applications. As our products and our clients' needs become more complex, we are confident that our commitment to engineering excellence will assure TR's continued growth, as well as the success of our clients.

All of Fluid Power Systems, Hydraulic Components, Hydraulic Hand Pumps, and Hydraulic Valves are made in the United States.

All TR Engineering Products are proudly Made in the USA

Small Sample of TR's Inventory. Please consult TR's factory for more information.

TR Engineering Hydraulic Components including Hydraulic Directional Control Valves and Hydraulic Hand Pumps.
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Directional Control Valves: Hydraulic Hand Pumps:
  DC Series Directional Control Valves   Hand Pumps
  MDC Series Directional Control Valves   Modular Hand Pumps
  Stainless Steel Directional Control Valves   Stainless Steel Hand Pumps
     Single Piston with Release Screw for Single Acting Cylinder
Relief Valves:   Double Piston with Release Screw for Single Acting Cylinders
 Relief Valves   Double Piston with 4-Way Valve for Double Acting Cylinders
    HV Series - Single Piston with 4-Way Valve for Double Acting Cylinders
Custom Order Products:   Aluminum Hand Pumps
  Special Products  

For Information about our Directional Control Valves, Hydraulic Hand Pumps or Fluid Power System Products, please email:

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