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Aluminum Hand Pumps

AL100 Series The TR Engineering aluminum hand pump is designed to provide high output (2.4 cu. in. per stroke) at low pressures up to 1000 PSI. Since the pump is aluminum, it is ideal for use in areas where a non-sparking environment is required. The internal check valve assemblies are made from non-ferrous materials, Standard pumps do not include a release screw or relief valve.
High Volume Hand Pump, Horizontal Syle HV Series 120, from TR Engineering Inc. - Click the image to see enlarged handpump image.
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On request, TR can provide design in stainless steel, special seals, pumps designed and manufactured to customer's specifications. Integral pressure relief valve option is also available.

Model No.

Piston Diameter Parts Seats
AL 100-21 1 250 PSI 1-1.312 1-1/4" NPT N-Nitrile
  2 1000 PSI   2-3/8" NPT V-Viton
      3-4 IST E-EPR
      4-6 IST  

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