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SRV Series Relief Valves

TR direct acting relief valves are vented to atmosphere, and designed as safety valves. Poppets are heat treated alloy steel or stainless steel. These valves are ideal for applicatioins where a safety valve of small size is required. These small valves are ideal for lifting systems or any system using double acting hydraulic cylinders with a large area ratio between the blind end and rod end. In case the return line is blocked these valves an prevent the pressure muliplier from damaging the cylinder. All stainless steel versions are available. Pressures are preset at the factory, and not intended for field adjustment.
200-300 S Series: Double Piston w/4-Way Valve for Double Acting Cylinders
Model No.
Specify Set Pressure
SRV00 3/8 - 24 Steel Range 500 psi - 8,000 psi
10,000 psi on special order
SRV01 1/8 - NPT Steel
SRV10 3/8 - 24 Stainless Steel
SRV11 1/8 - NPT Stainless Steel
NOTE:  Repeatability is 5% of set pressure and reseating pressure is 85% of set pressure.

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