TR Engineering manufactures directional control valves, hydraulic hand pumps and other fluid power components and products. Phone us for details and information.

Hydraulic Directional Control Valves and Hydraulic Hand Pumps from TR Engineering Inc. TR Engineering designs and manufactures state of the art fluid power products, advanced hydraulic components and advanced hydraulic systems Send email to TR Eningeering for information about our hydraulic hand pumps, directional control valves and other hydraulic components or hydraulic systems!
Contact Information for TR Engineering Inc. Details about TR Engineering are available on our Home Page. Read about our Hydraulic Directional Control Valves, Hydraulic Hand Pumps and other Hydraulic Components and Hydraulic Products available from TR Engineering, Inc. Count on TR Engineering to provide a solid warranty for our Hydraulic Products! Read the warranty here.

Special Products

TR Engineering has developed a wide range of special products to meet the exacting demands of our customers. If the product you need to meet your requirements isn't shown in our catalog, please contact us so we may offer a variation of a standard or a custom engineered product.

Hand Pumps and Cylinders
TR Engineering has designed and manufactured a broad range of hydraulic hand pumps and cylinders for many ground support applications, including jet engine and missile trailers, aircraft tow bars and trailer leveling stabilizers and NASA Space Shuttle support equipment. TR has also supplied a variety of shipboard systems, and primary emergency backup systems for oil field tooling and safety equipment.

State of the Art Fluid Power Products by TR Engineering, Inc. - fluid power systems, advanced hydraulic componenets, advanced hydraulic systems, hydraulic control valves and hydraulic hand pumps
A Few of Our Special Products:
In addition to our Directional Contral Valves, TR Engineering produces custom products such as specialized versions of Hydraulic Hand Pumps. Hydrualic Hand Pumps and Cylinders, photo displaying Special Product DC Valves. Hand Pump Photo, Spacial Products. Hydraulic Control Valves from TR Engeerings special products group. Hydraulic Fluid Products - Special Products from TR Engineering such as these hydraulic hand pumps and hydraulic control valves.

For Information about our Directional Control Valves, Hydraulic Hand Pumps or Fluid Power System Products, please email:

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